Demystifying Public Speaking by Lara Hogan


First, I’d like to thank the women behind Technically Speaking, Chiu-Ki Chan and Cate Huston, and the founder of Ladies in Tech, Jenn Lukas. A ton of links, quotes, and other ideas shared in this book originally sprang from these resources.

This book was shaped by these phenomenal feedback-givers: Rachel Andrew, Juan Pablo Buriticá, Karyn Campbell, Anna Debenham, Jenn Downs, Elizabeth Ferrao, Shawn Hogan, Cate Huston, Jeremy Keith, Meri Williams, Maggie Zhou, and my editor, Tina Lee. Thank you each for your thoughtfulness and words of wisdom.

Thanks and a big hug to Zane, Adam, Paloma, and Mike for letting me write the book from their heavenly houses, next to their snuggly pups. Their love and homes welcomed and nurtured me in a multitude of ways, and I’m eternally grateful. To my mentor and cheerleader Daniel—I’m honored to be your friend. Thanks for your encouragement, allyship, and coffee.

Thanks especially to my family, and to those who have become like family: Masha, coach Jen, Jason, and my teammates. I absolutely could not have done this without your support, and I feel incredibly lucky to know you and have you in my corner. To the badass women in tech who help me through: thank you.

All of my love to Lauren Sperber. For her patience, smarts, critical feedback, sarcasm, and seemingly endless support. A million donuts to her.